Classic Super Stock

2023 Classic Super Stock

WEIGHT: 7700# If a competitor moves more than 200 lb of weight forward, that vehicle’s drawbar may be remeasured and vehicle reweighed at the discretion of the official.

AGE OF TRACTOR: 1980 and older but including total run of that model.

AGE OF DRIVER: 16 years or older. Under 18 must have parent or guardian consent form signed.

FUEL: Same fuel rules as PPL and NTPA

WATER INJECTION: Water must pass propylene oxide spot test.

TIRES: 18.4 x 38 maximum radials allowed.

CYLINDER BLOCK AND CRANK CASE: Must be from the same manufacturer. All up graded Blocks must be approved by the committee. Examples: IH 68 series 466, JD 40 series 8.1L, JD 5010 & 5020 can decube a 619 block, AC 516, Case 504, Ford 478, MM 504, Oliver 478 and others to be approved by the committee ALL ENGINES MUST BE 531 CUBIC INCHES OR SMALLER . All tractors must have a cubic inch, turbo, and Safety inspection before they are permitted to compete.

HEADS: Recast heads allowed, OEM dimensions, OEM intake and exhaust manifolds in factory locations. No billet steel or aluminum.

DRAW BAR: Draw bars must not exceed 20 inches in height or less than 18 inches from center of axle to hooking point. No part of draw bar may extend rearward beyond point of hook. Draw bars must be stationary in all directions. No clevis. Hitches must have at least a 3″x3¾” hole with minimum of one inch of material around the outside. A drawbar that has provisions to be made shorter than legal length is not acceptable as a legal drawbar.

HOOD, GRILL, FRAME, TRANSMISSION, REAR END, AXLE: Must be for that make and model and must maintain stock appearance. Front ends may be homemade. Maximum wheelbase to be no more than 114″. Frames may be altered to except upgraded blocks. No cast iron engine frames.

TOTAL LENGTH OF TRACTOR: Maximum length 13′ from center of rear axle to the furthest point forward, including weights. Excludes tow hook.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Full face helmet, Fire Suit, Wheelie bars, Roll cages, kill switches, fire extinguishers, fenders, side shields, SFI flywheels and pressure plates, scatter blanket or steel shields, no steel fans, all electric fuel pumps must be wired to the kill switch. Wide front axles. No cast iron engine frames. (ladder bars are recommended). Must have 3/8 cable around block and head. 2 Throttle return springs. 2 3/8 grade 5 cross bolts in exhaust. 3 way dump valve. Driver must be in seat at all times while engine is running. No excessive loss of liquid onto track by a vehicle while hooked to sled unless caused by breakage. Excessive is defined as any steady or intermittent stream discharged onto the track or a spot equivalent to more than 8″ in diameter.

INJECTOR PUMPS: P 7100 series Pump maximum, one plunger per cylinder. No computerized fuel systems allowed.

MANIFOLDS: OEM stock intake and exhaust manifolds for that series engine, alteration for turbo mounting allowed. Agricultural style intake manifolds including intercooler type manifolds, intercoolers must be unhooked with no hoses attached to cooler( No functioning intercoolers allowed). No intake spacers. May strengthen manifolds by welding gussets/braces.

TURBO, ONE ONLY: One single stage turbo allowed. Turbo must not extend through hood.
A. Exhaust bolt pattern no larger than 2.750 in x 3. 250 in .
B. No altering of a housing to accommodate a smaller base; e.g. T-18A95 with a smaller base welded to it. No external altering of housings. Compressor housing must be 3LM style with 2” OD outlet.
C. A compressor measurement to be measured at the face of the wheel a maximum of 2.7 in. The wheel may be no larger than this measurement at the inlet. Compressor housing inlet bore to be no more than 2.75″ maximum. Tips of wheel must protrude into opening at least 1/8”. No slots or grooves. A maximum of 2 in. OD at the outlet.
D. An exhaust measurement to be measured at the face of the wheel outlet of a maximum of 3 in. The wheel may be no larger than this measurement at the outlet. Exhaust housing bore to be no more than 3.06″ maximum.

(The Division 5 official and/or tech person has the right to check any tractor at any time at any place.)

Chairman: Matt Spillman 330-268-4301